Sunday, October 31, 2004

It's all about the Hedgehog...

First does first the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, then the Washington Post, and Washington Times all use the same analogy summarizing the election within 24 hours?

The Dispatch version is then subsequently carried by Wichita Eagle, South Carolina's The State, the Philadelphia Daily News, San Jose Mercury News and the Post's on MSNBC.

How can the same analogy suddenly come to mind to summarize the race? According to a search of GoogleNews, only two writers used this obscure reference (to either the Greek poet Archiolus or an Isaiah Berlin short story, based on the ancient Greek verse) in their entire database. Both did so in the beginning of October. The second was the St. Paul writer for the Pioneer Press Edward Lotterman.

That leaves David Brooks, who mentioned this analogy in two columns in the first week of October comparing Bush and Kerry during the debates. It seems he hit on the perfect analogy to understand and simplify this election. Score one for the Brooks-man...


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