Saturday, October 30, 2004

Marilyn O'Grady Calls Me a Bigot...

Dr. O'Grady decided to respond to my letter. Aside from the many spelling errors (Don't diss them--there are a few on this site) the letter is just incoherent bile.

Mr. Campbell,

Thank you for your email. I commend you on your willingness to express your opinion. Encouraging dialogue is a valuable goal that is too often overlooked.

I did not know who you were until I received your email. Rading through the email, I read about your dismay at my ad against gay marriage.

Perhaps, the most interesting part of your email is your relief that I don't seem to have much support in New York. For that, you are thankful. Unlike in places like "Alabama, or Louisiana," New Yorkers are too sophisticated to fall for "scare-mongering." However, your email blatantly tried to use imagery of unsophisticated southerners to inflame those lesser beasts of human nature, those of paranoia and of bigotry. This is not consistent with either Catholic or American ideals, although it both have often been used to justify such acts.

Mr. Campbell, I do not understand what you are trying to accomplish with an email such as this if you are not attempting to appeal to what I think we all agree are the baser emotions.

I hate to point it out, Mr. Campbell, but you are a bigot. You are so glad that New Yorkers aren't like those gun-toting, sister-marrying yokels with one tooth who live down south. It seems that on the liberal side, there are only two groups worthy of scorn: committed Christians and Southerners.

I am disgusted as a Catholic and an American that you would look upon Southerners as fools who would fall for the tactics that you and your "cocktail party circuit" liberals are so immune to.

Given what I have written, do you deny that looking down on those less sophistacted than yourself was inapporpriate? If so, what justification do you have for portraying them as easily swayed boobs? That is, what purpose other than to inflame those who are bigots among us. I assume that you are not one, because I always try to look on the positive side of people. But why? From where I sit, your eamil is a disgrace to our state. Not because of your opinions, but because of the words you have used to express them.

Marilyn O'Grady

Thank God this woman isn't anywhere near elective office. Let's just hope she doesn't manage to finish ahead of Republican Mills as a result of her tactics.


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