Thursday, October 28, 2004

Millionaire Celebrities for Kerry

Where to start? Things are heating up in this last few days in a way I have never seen before in my short lifetime. Eminem, Howard Stern, Bruce Springsteen line up for Kerry. For Bush, we have Jack Welch, Steve Forbes, and...Guiliani. Hm...

I always suspected the Boss was a liberal. His music looks at class issues which are generally only seriously acknowledged by those who are more liberal. (I hope someone can prove me wrong on this statement--it paints conservatives in an ignorant light that I hope is ridiculous, but I cannot think of an artist or politician who acknowledges class issues in America while defending conservative domestic policies.) But his extremely strong support for Kerry is surprising. It's one of the many factors that seems to be bringing this election more closely to the attention of Americans. It shows how important many liberals (and conservatives) see this election to be. Bruce will be appearing with Kerry around the hotly contested state of Ohio until the election culminating with a large concert in Cleveland. For those of you with your heads in the sand, Ohio is being called the "Florida" of this election as Pennsylvania has swung towards Kerry and Florida towards Bush in recent polls.

Howard Stern is an interesting case though. His political philosophy seems to involve fart jokes before all else. If anything, I would suspect that he is a libertarian. He has come out against Bush in a big way; he blames Bush for recent FCC crackdowns on his show, pointing to the fact that he always has acted this way, but it wasn't until he criticized Bush on air that he was slapped with massive fines. Stern has railed against Bush all summer asking his listeners to do just one thing for him--not vote for Bush. Stern's demographic includes many of those people Bush is counting on to win the election--the guys, as Howard Dean once said, with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks. In the past week, Stern has been attacking the FCC and its Chairman, Michael Powell. What has been Stern's effect? No survey I have seen has tried to measure.

Finally Eminem... Well, I'll get to his Mosh video later.


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