Sunday, October 31, 2004

Notable Columns

From both sides of the aisle come several endorsements or other columns that at this late date try to explain the case for their candidate in reasonable terms. You know where I come down, but here's good arguments on both sides:

Newt Gingrich makes the "last, best case for George W. Bush."

The Economist paints this election as a choice between "The Incompetent and the Incoherent." Their reccomendation: "With a heavy heart, we think American readers should vote for John Kerry on November 2nd."

George F. Will exclaims: "GEORGE! with all thy faults."

Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe paints a choice between the "Radical Bush vs. Reactionary Kerry." And comes down for Bush.

Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times comes out for Bush, George H. W. Bush. He concludes: "Yes, next Tuesday, vote forthe real political heir to George H. W. Bush" without naming names. (Apparently it is against the Times' policy to allow columnists to write endorsements of their own.)

Andrew Sullivan gives his endorsement to Kerry, concluding Kerry is the "lesser of two risks" and the "greater of two hopes."

In terms of newspaper endorsements around America, Kerry is soundly beating Bush 186-151. This includes 46 newspapers who have flipped from Bush in 2000 to Kerry in 2004. (Not including 15 that have gone from pro-Bush to neutral.) Bush has had only 6 papers endorse him after endorsing Gore in 2000.


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