Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Radical Left

Of course, that may begin to change come Election Day.

I do not feel the Republicans will have trouble coming to terms with Kerry as President. They may not like him, and they will attack him every chance they get, and try to hang him for the problems Bush passed down to him, but they will accept him.

However, if there is another close election, with Democrats crying fraud and Bush coming out on top...there will likely be a split in the Democratic party, between those who, with a heavy heart, accept the final tally, and those who seek different avenues for change, who refuse to accept the legitimacy of the President. The question no one can answer right now is how large each contingent might be. But looking at the large number of people who have invested and believed their chants: Bush is a war criminal; blood for oil; Bush wants Armageddon; Bush knew about 9/11; Bush is a puppet president. In the end, all these chants point to one fact: Bush is evil. Who can tolerate an evil man leading their country? In a democracy we put the matter to a vote--and if those who believe all the hype about Bush now come to think that he will not let go of power, that he will steal another election...They will become radicalized.


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