Sunday, October 31, 2004

Revolution or Bust?

Listening to much of the political dialogue leading up to this election, most alien observers would be led to assume that no matter who won, their would be a revolution of sorts. The rhetoric especially by liberals has suggested that if Bush were to win again, there would only be two acceptable alternatives: moving to Canada or seeking to overthrow the government.

If you listen to those who are most angry at Bush, you come to realize eventually that the charges they routinely throw at the president justify, even necessitate, revolution. Eminem's powerful new video is an example of this. (Not that Eminem is a member of the left by any means.) He suggests that Bush knew of the 9/11 attacks and calls him a "weapon of mass destruction." He repeats the rallying cry of many anti-war protestors saying, "No Blood for Oil." In the end, he calls for the revolution to be brought about on Election Day. It's altogether a stirring package, and one that I'm tempted to say would only be possible in America. A top entertainer attacks those in power, accusing them of treason, ignoring common Americans, and worse; he does this by creating a music video and releases it just before the election so he ends up profiting off it as well; finally, after accusing the powers that be of, among other things, doing nothing to prevent an attack they knew about, he calls for a revolution, calls for people to vote for change. Where else but America would treason by the president be fought only through an election? It's extraordinary. And it's a testament to America's stability that even in circumstances that some on the left consider as dire as these, actual revolution is not considered.


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