Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Un-Hinged Right

No I'm not talking about asking supporters at a rally to take a "Bush pledge."

I'm talking about National Review online. That liberals always side with the enemy (even at Scrabble) is a popular line of argument with the Ann Coulter/Sean Hannity wing of the Republican party. This moronic idea fits too neatly in the Manichean universe of the extreme right (as Bush having pre-knowledge of 9/11 fits in with the extreme left.)

This column asks those on the left to "look in the mirror" and see what they have become! It alleges the left has become...Bin Laden! That the Bush-hating fury of liberals has lead them to embrace the terrorist who attacked one of the most liberal cities in the world. Again, I think this is one of those stories that says more about the writer than its' subject. There are lefties who are so un-hinged they think Bush is the Anti-Christ. But that's the radical fringe, those who think Michael Moore is a centrist. Jim Geraghty explains that because Bin Laden (who would reside more easily on the far right than the left) utilizes leftist arguments against Bush, liberals should be ashamed! He compares Bin Laden's tape to Democratic attack ads and Fahrenheit 911. Should the FEC fine the Democrats for all this free media exposure?

Elsewhere on The Corner, Michael Graham explains: "The Election is Official [sic] Over." His main point: "Whatever hope John Kerry had of closing the gap ended when Osama bin Laden became part of the national conversation about this election. As I've said a hundred times Kerry wins 10 states, plus Hawaii (maybe)." How did Osama become part of the "national conversation?" By threatening all Americans? No, again according to Graham, Bin Laden endorsed Kerry. He must have seen the unedited version of the tape 'cause otherwise, its another case of fitting the facts to your ideology.

And anyway, if Bin Laden wanted Kerry to win, he probably would have been smarter to make no comment. From what I've heard of his statement, it doesn't seem that he especially favored either man to become President. The more important goal than electing either Kerry or Bush was that Bin Laden wanted to be heard and claim the results of this election as a victory of sorts no matter who wins.


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