Thursday, November 04, 2004

Why Not to Move to Canada

I usually didn't read the Daily Kos during the election. I usually avoid reading anything that I see as too partisan in the direction in which I am more naturally inclined. I feel it creates an insularity that distorts one's view of reality, and pushes one away from understanding the mainstream. I read it, but I avoided reading almost as much--lest I become too sure that Kerry would win or begin to hate Bush too much. I thought the site focused too much on fear of four more years of Bush than on the hope in four years of Kerry.

But now that the election has been lost, hope is the dominant emotion. Progressives the country over were dealt a blow when they motivated their base and still lost. Yet we regroup--nowhere is that more evident than at the Daily Kos. A recent post by DHinMI is the most inspiring thing since John Edwards' concession speech. Progressives aren't giving up--they are not handing this country over to the bare majority that elected Bush. The money quote:
We must remember that this election was, once again, excruciatingly close. For the first time in nearly 200 years, the United States was attacked on the North American continent, and the presiding President squandered 80% approval ratings for his initial response to that attack and had to wait until the morning after the election to find out that the most votes ever cast against an incumbent President were, barely, not enough to drive him from the White House. . .We must remember that even though a narrow majority of voters chose Bush over Kerry, it does not follow that a majority want the kind of nation and government that Bush and his minions surely hope to create. Then, we must stand firm and hold our ground.
There is much to hope for in America. We must keep believing, keep up the fight.


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